Volunteer Teams

To make it a successful season, we need parent volunteers.

There are lots of fun ways to help out and the options vary in both frequency and duration. Check out the below to find the team that fits with your interests and availability and then click to sign up. Team leaders will contact you with additional details as the season approaches. Can't wait to see you all there!

Show me the money!


This team is vital to keeping the show moving by helping to bring in the funds needed for everything from marching drills to band front equipment. So join up to assist with fundraising activities such as the sub sale, chicken BBQ and restaurant evenings.


Time Commitment: Low -- 3 or 4 times per season

Duration: Half a day per event

Team Leader: Wendle Miller 

We got the spirit, yes we do, we got the spirit, how 'bout you?

Bring your ideas for keeping the kids motivated, the parents engaged and the season fun. From locker drops to snack bags and claiming blocks of seats at competitions, we will be all about growing the sense of community in the band. And with the theme of Sunken Cathedral...Have i got ideas already...

Time Commitment: Medium -- Start brainstorming before Band Camp and activities throughout the season

Duration: Varied

Team Leader: Becke Cressler

Keep the kids going at Band Camp and help them chill out by providing a cool treat one day of Band Camp.


At 11:30 each day of camp a team of 3 volunteers gets to witness the unique joy previously reserved for Ice Cream Truck Drivers on hot sunny days - by delivering and handing out sweet and frosty treats. Now tell me, - who doesn't want that kind of adoration?

Time Commitment: Low

Duration: Brief

Team Leader: Rachelle Greenly

Get the Picnic Popping!


Make the first big band family event of the season a success by helping to organize, set-up and tear down the potluck picnic on the final day of Band Camp, Friday August 9th.

Time Commitment: Low

Duration: Arrive early and help clean up

Team Lead: Bonnie Wenger

Seeking keen eyes and quick needles...

This team is responsible for fitting and maintaining the appearance of the band uniforms. There is a commitment during band camp, but we also need volunteers to help hand out and collect plumes for both football games and competitions.

Time Commitment:  High 

Duration: Get there early & stay late

Team Leader: Jessica Johnston

PERK: When volunteering, get into games and competitions FREE!

Have you dreamed of one day driving the tractor onto the field?

The first step is joining this team and assisting in getting our instruments and equipment on and off the field and transport trailers. This great gang helps at every football game and competition, arriving early to get everything organized and loaded and sticking around until the last flag and triangle is safely put away.

Time Commitment: High -- All season, games and competitions

Duration: Arrive early and stay late

Team Leader: Curt Galbreath

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