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Marching Band:
Connecting Students & Enriching the Community

During high school, students choose from a wide array of extracurricular activities to round out the years. These groups and teams are where they make friends and solidify their values. So what is it about the marching band that draws together so many talented and capable youth?

It is a fair question to ask, but also one that is easily answered. At Manheim Central, the reasons start with the core values of the band, values that serve members well long aft er they leave the band:

1) Perform with excellence: anything worth doing is worth doing well
2) Lead with integrity: demonstrate good manners and set high standards for self
3) Value every member: EVERYONE in the band is important, EVERYONE works TOGETHER

Participation in marching band also teaches and strengthens:

• Teamwork

• Generosity
• Discipline

• Trust
• Perseverance

• Time management
• Resilience

• Neurological multi-tasking
• Grades, standardized test scores and graduation rates

Perhaps most importantly though, the band brings together a diversity of people and gives them all a place to belong. While each student brings varied interests and backgrounds in with them, through working together in the band they create a unified whole.

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