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Band front members must purchase or already own the REQUIRED/MANDATORY items shown below in order to be fully prepared to participate in the activities of the next band season. Payments need to be made online using either credit cards or PayPal. This will also be the only time for supporters to order 2023 theme shirts.


JULY 14, 2023

Any Guard members from previous years who already have gloves, shoes or parade shirts do not need to order replacements unless there are condition or size issues with those previously purchased.

Shoes are the SAME this year as last year. So if last year's shoes fit, there is no need to order new ones. However, all Guard Members MUST have shoes. Fitting will be done during Band Camp.

PLEASE CONSIDER HAVING LONG UNDERWEAR (SKIN COLORED UNDER ARMOUR) TO LAYER UNDER YOUR UNIFORM WHEN IT IS COLD. Theme shirts are a requirement for students but optional for family members.  

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