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2023 MUSICIAN Must-Haves

Band members must purchase or already own items in each of the below categories in order to be fully prepared to participate in the activities of the next band season. If parade shirts and/or Dinkles from previous years are still in acceptable condition and still fit appropriately, there is no need to purchase new ones. This will also be the only time for supporters to order 2024 theme shirts.


Payments need to be made online using either credit cards or PayPal. This will also be the only opportunity to order theme shirts for band supporters.


JULY 10, 2024

PLEASE NOTE: All band members are required to purchase their own khaki pants or shorts as well as long (crew not ankle) black socks in addition to the items shown below. Theme shirts are a requirement for students but optional for family members.  

Please note that all band members with the exception of Drumline and Sideline percussion must purchase new gloves each year even if you purchased them previously.

Gently used Dinkles are available for purchase for returning and new band members. 

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